Why the Terra Centre for Teen Parents is Incredible (+ Diaper Drive with LOVEPIZZA)

Can you imagine becoming a new mom in your teenage years?

No way, I know.

Yet, it’s a reality for some teens in Edmonton. These teen moms (and dads) often come from challenging life situations, are living in poverty and have little or no support. Their babies and toddlers are the most vulnerable in our city. That’s where the Terra Centre comes in.

The Terra Centre for Teen Parents in Edmonton

The Terra Centre for Teen Parents is a cornerstone non-profit organization that provides young parents with tools to raise healthy children and become self-reliant. They assists teen moms, between the ages of 14 and 20, in completing their high school education while their little ones are cared-for close by. Some babies are as young as two or three months. These teen parents are provided necessities like toiletries, diapers, and wipes at no cost, to help cope with financial stress.

I absolutely love what they do.

Happy, confident mommas mean happy, healthy babies. 

The Terra Centre for Teen Parents was born in 1971 — over 45 years ago.

It began as a small group of moms. They wanted more for themselves and their children (from How We Started) so they formed a support system. Currently the Terra Centre impacts over 1,000  teen moms, dads, infants and toddlers each year through their programming in Braemar High School (Ottewell) and outreach programs out of their head office downtown.

I went on a full tour of Braemar High School just a couple of weeks ago. It’s something to see — so inspiring. Braemar is an active, operating high school, part of the Edmonton Public School Board, where approximately 150 students attend. In one portion of the school, an on-site Child and Family Support Centre cares for over 70 children while their moms attend class.

How cool is that? 

Photo: Terra Centre for Teen Parents
Photo: Terra Centre for Teen Parents

The Terra Centre also offers a one-of-a-kind program for young fathers and teen dads, called Services for Young Dads. School, employment searches, and other community resources are available to dads who are 24 years old or younger.

Clothes Closets: Vital to Terra’s Services

Terra has two Clothes Closets that are key to the success of their teen parents. They are stocked by donations and run by volunteers — one downtown, and one at the high school. Terra collects in-kind donations of diapers, wipes, clothing for moms and babies, strollers, toys, formula and hygiene products to supply to their teens.

This service is essential. Basic needs are met, so the teens can focus their financial resources on other important things, like healthy food and transportation for their families. Becoming a new parent is stressful enough without those worries.

Read a complete list of the in-kind items accepted

Currently, Terra is in urgent need of size 4, 5 and 6 diapers.

That’s where you come in.

Support LOVEPIZZA + Edmomton in a Diaper Drive for the Terra Centre

With one box of size 4, 5 or 6 diapers, you can easily make a difference for a teen mom or dad.

Drop off a box of diapers between today (Friday, June 9) and Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18) at either the Downtown Edmonton or St. Albert LOVEPIZZA locations and receive a $15 gift card. That’s right — you get free pizza in exchange for diapers. How can you go wrong?

It’ll be exciting to watch the stack of diaper boxes grow at both LOVEPIZZA locations.


Downtown Edmonton: 10196 – 109 Street


St. Albert: 935 St. Albert Trail

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