What the Stork Forgot: Win a New Mom Care Package Worth Over $700

Are you a new momma in Edmonton? Expecting soon? Do you know one?

I’m giving away an epic new mama care package, worth well over $700, to one local mom. It was made possible by collaborating with local mommy-minded businesses. I call it: What the Stork Forgot

I first started dreaming of this giveaway when I launched my blog in April. In July, I made up my mind to start buying and collecting local items. After a few short months, it’s blossomed into a massive bundle of 25 post-birth essentials from all over Edmonton: treats, personal care products, nursing must-haves, special keepsakes, calming items,  reading material, and gift certificates for mommy programs and pampering.


Everything in the giveaway was purchased from or donated by spectacular local businesses. I either asked them if they wanted to participate, or went shopping myself to purchase the item(s) I wanted. I picked the ones that were my personal favourites, that either directly or indirectly served new moms. My incredible mama friend Joanne gave a couple of items. I also personally threw in a few lovelies from The Honest Company. (I’m not affiliated, I just love them.) We all pitched-in to create the most epic postnatal care bundle you’ll ever see.

Why did I do this?

I want to deliver a beautiful bundle of joy to a new mama that really needs it.

Birth is a life-changing event. We new mothers need more support, love and spoiling than we realize or ever dare to ask for. In the hustle of life with a newborn, one special delivery could really make a difference to a new mama’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

After my surprise home birth and long recovery (read the story), I was achy, thirsty, hungry, and hurried. I rarely took a long bath. I was feeling down and sleep deprived. My mom brought me a ton of goodies to help. Perk-me-ups from my mom, family, and friends made all the difference.

Here’s inside What the Stork Forgot:

Enchanting Lullaby Mist (Sleep Spritz) from Pura Botanicals Baby & Mama

This sleep spritz will help a new mama relax and drift off to sleep. It was handcrafted here in Edmonton by Lane Edwards, a local mother of three and owner of Pura Botanicals. Lane is passionate about using only safe, natural, and sustainable materials that do wonders for sensitive skin. She just launched the new Baby & Mama collection in September.


A Sleep Wear Gift Certificate from Cloud Nine Pajamas

Cloud Nine Pajamas is a family owned and operated local business that believes comfort should be a way of life. Who else needs comfort more than a brand new mom? They carry the softest, coziest loungewear that promotes relaxation at home. They even sell moisture-wicking pyjamas that are perfect for a new mom’s night sweats.


One Glamourmom Nursing Tank Top (Large) from Bosom Babies

This tank is so practical and perfect for a new nursing mom who is constantly feeding a baby. Bosom Babies is a cornerstone local business in Edmonton, that was launched by a local mom in 2000 after her second son was born. The store carries only the best items in nursing, baths and skincare, carriers and wraps, baby gear, and any other essentials to enhance life with a newborn.


A Set of Cupcake Washable Breast Pads from Yo Mama Maternity

Opened in 2007, Yo Mama is the most happening independent maternity store in the city. Co-owners and sisters-in-law, Tara and Schoena, noticed a lack of quality, chic and fashionable clothing choices for expecting and new mothers. They decided to bring that to Edmonton. They carry these washable, reusable breast pads, that I thought would be perfect for the care package.


A Sweet Orange Lip Balm from PLANTiful

New moms get notoriously dry lips, so this lip balm was a must. Local mama Amy Beaith-Johnson established PLANTiful in 2009. She creates organic skincare items right here in Edmonton, in small batches, from plant oils, flowers, herbs and products from local farms, always with natural beauty in mind. Amy makes only nourishing products that protect us, not harm us.


One Calming Citrus Candle from Theory

I grabbed this locally-made candle from habitat etc. to include in the bundle. It will be a wonderful, calming item for a new momma, who can light it when she’s awake during the night, taking a bath, reading, or just whenever she needs to set a relaxing tone.


Recovery Bath Salts from Wild Prairie Soap Company

I picked up this excellent recovery blend of bath salts for the care package. What better treat is there for a new mama? Wild Prairie is my favourite local places to buy bath salts and soaps. They handcraft all of their body care products in their “soaperie” studio, in-store on Whyte Avenue. When you walk in, it smells incredible, and there are items stocked that cater to any skin type or malady.


Facial Towelettes, Organic Pads and Nipple Balm from The Honest Company

I’ve always loved anything I’ve purchased from The Honest Company. I loved the organic nipple balm I received as a gift from my wonderful friend Tracy. I had to include it in this care package. Facial towelettes and pads are the other gritty essentials we new moms need to get our bathroom routine done. Honest caters to new parents with children — they’re the best. (This is not sponsored and I’m not affiliated.)


One Bag of BuddhiMama Tea from BuddhiBaby

Harmony Ryan, owner and curator at BuddhiBaby, is a local mom that integrates postpartum healing into her own unique business. I saw this superb BuddhiMama tea online in her “Ouside the Box Shop” and I had to grab it for the care package. This tea is part of a much larger collection of items for new moms and babies that Harmony stocks on her site. Harmony curates gift boxes for moms, dads, babies and toddlers — and she teaches yoga in Edmonton!


A Keepsake Mug & New Mama Card from Justine Ma Design & Hand Lettering 

When you check out Justine Ma’s collection of hand lettered goods on her webpage, you can tell motherhood inspires her designs. Justine is mom to Ruby, her sweet little daughter. I picked out two items specifically for a new mother — a “Love, All Day, Everyday” mug and a beautiful new mama greeting card. The mug will be perfect to sip BuddhiMama tea from. Justine also lettered the gift bag that this loot is going to be delivered in.


Chocolate Covered Almonds from Jacek Chocolate Couture

Jacqueline Jacek knows her chocolate. New moms love chocolate. I couldn’t resist adding a bag of delectable chocolate covered almonds from this local chocolatier! It was a quick stroll over to Jacek’s 104th Street location. Buying two bags, I put one in the care package stash and ate one quickly myself. Oops! It’s incredible to see Jacek grow — from a home-based studio in Sherwood Park — to a busy boutique chocolate shop.


Homemade Granola from Juniper Cafe & Bistro

I love Juniper Bistro, nestled in the community of Strathearn. I grabbed a bag of granola from their baked good shelf, so healthy for a new mama. The outside of this family restaurant is unassuming — but walk in, and you instantly love the chill atmosphere and the chalkboard of “thankfulness” on the far wall. This baby-friendly cafe has a convenient play area for the older babies, toddlers, and kids. It’s a hidden haven for and seasoned moms.


A Ladies Reebok Toque from Edmonton Eskimos & Water Bottle from The Delta Centre Suite Hotel

Being thirsty is a notorious symptom of new motherhood. In the colder months, a new mom will need to stay warm on her short walks outside with baby. These items were both donated by a local mama, and close friend of mine, Joanne Ralph. She’s to thank for the name What the Stork Forgot; she suggested in a few months ago, and since then, it’s stuck in my brain. Joanne, you are a genius!


A Mom & Baby 8-Week Program from Mommy Connections

This program will be perfect for the new mama that wins this package. Mommy Connections plans monthly events and programs for moms and babies in the South, West, and North/St. Albert areas of Edmonton. Participants have loved their experience so much that they’ve signed up multiple times. This is the mom group to register for if you like trying a variety of classes (music, dance, crafts, sign language, sensory, etc.) and linking up with other new moms in your community.

Imagine credit of www.mommyconnections.ca

An Annual Membership from Modern Mama Edmonton

This membership to Modern Mama is an excellent gift for a new mama. From day one, new moms can take advantage of mommy events, monthly mixers, the annual Bump Social, awesome giveaways, and be connected to the wider mama community in Edmonton. The local moms who own and run Modern Mama (Edmonton and North/St. Albert) are incredible — they know the ropes, have a new mom’s best interest at heart, and plan accordingly.

Imagine credit of www.modernmama.com

A Gift Certificate from Pamper & Play Salon and Spa

Who says a mama with a newborn can’t get a pedicure, manicure, or her hair done? Pamper and Play makes it possible. The new mom who wins this care package will receive a gift certificate towards a salon or spa treatment and childminding, if needed! My pedicure was a dream — I hadn’t had one since I’d given birth to Alex and it was definitely time. Plus, they serve you coffee and chocolate. It’s the real deal.

Image credit of www.pamperandplay.ca

A Peanutshell Grocery Cart & High Chair Cover from The Grow Centre

As a new mom, I was a bit of a germaphobe — this cart cover from Tracy Bradley will be perfect for a new mom. Tracy is a doula who runs The Grow Centre on Whyte, a local business that provides a space for  programs like  yoga, children’s music, birth hypnosis, healing and more. She and her husband Paul provide slings at the centre; for over 17 years, they’ve taught new parents how to wear baby for convenience and comfort.

Imagine credit of www.oldstrathcona.ca

Local Reading Material 

I’ve collected local reading material to the care package: Avenue, Edmonton’s Child Magazine and 2016 ECM Family Guide, Inspired Magazine and Birth Issues. All of these magazines are great to have in the living room, on the bedside table, next to the rocking chair — wherever. In particular, the  Family Guide is incredibly useful for new parents; it’s chalk-full of businesses, resources, activities, and events for parents in Edmonton. Inspired is a beautiful collection of valuable articles and photos from local writers, the brainchild of Lorraine Stephanyshyn.




A Mom & Baby Nursery Photo Session

As part of the care package, the new mom will also win a private nursery session from Lorraine-Marie Photography. Lorraine is local family photographer who loves to capture all of life’s special moments. Lorraine took all of the photos in this post and founded the Inspired Magazine.

After I had all of the items together, I wrapped them and placed them lovingly into a massive gift bag.






How to Win What the Stork Forgot 

Starting today, Saturday, October 8, you can nominate yourself, and can be nominated by others for additional entries, in order to win this incredible care package.

To enter, simply send an e-mail to directly to me: mrs.jones@edmomton.com

In the subject line, type “Enter (Mom’s Name) to Win

In the e-mail, tell me baby’s birthdate and how this special delivery will help. To add more, describe how becoming a mom has changed you — write three things you’ve loved about having a baby and three things that have been tough. If you’re nominating someone, write three amazing things about the new mama you know.

On Saturday, October 22, the winner will be contacted by e-mail. After they’ve been notified, I’ll make an announcement on Facebook and Instagram.

The Rules: 

1) The mom who wins must live in Edmonton or the Greater Edmonton Area.

2) You can nominate yourself only once to win.

3) A friend, spouse, partner, parent or relative can nominate you as well. Each e-mail is an additional entry. They do not have to live in Edmonton.

4) To win, you must have recently given birth (no more than 3 months postpartum) or be expecting before the end of this year. This timing is flexible. If you are a new mom and feel you could use the items, please nominate yourself.

The Catch:

I’d love to deliver the care package, in person, to the new mama that wins. If she’s comfortable with it (not mandatory), I would like to write a blog post about her and her story becoming a new mom in Edmonton. As she opens the bundle of items, a few photos of her and baby would be taken to include the post, to tell her story.

I’ve entered to win. Now what? 

Share this post on Facebook, tag your friends and family in the comments, and tell them what they need to do to nominate you. Even if you aren’t expecting or a new mom, share it anyway. You never know who might benefit.

To all the local Edmonton businesses that donated items and participated, a huge, heartfelt thank you.