The Nook: Quite Possibly the Best Baby-Friendly Cafe in Edmonton

Finally, Mamas — our dreams have come true.

There’s a new cafe in Edmonton that’s cozy, trendy, serves up-scale coffee, lattes, and more (mimosas!) and boasts baby-friendliness in spades. I’m actually hesitant to blog about it — I want it to be a secret gem. But it’s too good not to share.

It’s called The Nook. The cafe motto is eat, drink, and be cozy. Located downtown at 10153 – 97 Street, across from Canada Place, it’s even centrally located.

It’s my new favourite and quite possibly the best baby-friendly cafe in Edmonton. Kid-free coffee shop connoisseurs might say it has delicious salads, cookies, sandwiches, killer lattes and cozy seating. The downtown working crowd might say it has a unique happy energy, with pops of yellow and gold in the furniture, pillows, the bathroom and tabletop flowers. But for families with newborns or parents who are juggling a baby and/or toddler, it’s heaven for other reasons. I share 5 of those reasons below.

Note: I’ve added The Nook to my list of 13 Baby-Friendly Edmonton Coffee Shops, and snapped some photos for you, so you can see how glorious it is for yourself.

Here is why The Nook is Edmonton’s Best Baby-Friendly Cafe:

1 | The Play Area | Babies and toddlers can play for hours in this sophisticated little play area. The IKEA play kitchen is fully stocked with pots, pans, and cute play food. A tiny yellow picnic table ties-in to The Nook’s brand colours. There’s even a bookshelf with reading material. It’s nestled in the centre of the cafe, surrounded by comfy furniture. Moms and dads, and caregivers can sit in this space, enjoy their latte and also have arms-reach access to kids at the same time.

2 | Excellent Seating | It’s got a huge, comfortable couch and two velvety armchairs for anyone that needs to take a rest or feed a baby. Ample space for at least 4 moms, even if all 4 need to feed baby at the same time. Plus, the seating in this area isn’t just for moms and dads. Anyone can take a rest and the little ones usually love saying hello! Mine did, he was flirting with a couple of lovely ladies, happily interrupting their conversation.

3 | An Accessible Entry | It’s easy to enter the cafe with a stroller and there is plenty of space to move inside. (I forgot to snap a photo of the front door) The main counter is seen below — so pretty with greys, whites and yellows. You’ll find a gelato cooler on the left. There’s a hallway that leads towards the front counter, and strollers can veer towards the play area or to find a table.

4 | The Change Table | The bathroom, which is for all sexes, has a great change table and pad and it’s very clean. Having a change table at all public establishments, in all bathrooms, for all patrons, is so important. What if dad or grandpa wants to take baby out? Why can’t dad be able to change a poopy diaper while out in public? This should be the norm everywhere.

5 | It’s Inclusive | How adorable are babies and toddlers who spread happiness everywhere? They might be a bit noisy and messy — but that’s life. When my mom friends and I have taken our littles, we’ve always felt welcome in the entire cafe. The owners and staff made a conscious decision to create an inclusive cafe for all generations, babies and children included. It’s made to be a cozy place for everyone.

The Nook truly aligns with all 5 elements of being baby-friendly that I see in the baby-friendly establishments I love. New moms and dads (and seasoned ones, too) will notice the small things that make their lives easier, like thoughtful designs and additions, creative use of space, and a welcoming atmosphere.

The Nook Cafe has something for everyone, and the community in Downtown Edmonton is lucky to have it.

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