Mrs. Jones’ Favourite Mom Blogs

The best part about starting a mom blog is doing some digging into other blogs to see what’s out there and find inspiration.

Since starting Edmomton, I have discovered many other incredible moms who are blogging online and sharing their lives with the world. I admire these women. Their personalities shine in their writing. Their strengths come out, they aren’t afraid to confess their weaknesses, and their stories are relatable and genuine. They aren’t perfect. They are a lot like the rest of us.

I want to direct Edmonton moms to the blogs that stood out to me. They are so fascinating, raw, and honest — qualities I appreciate. I’ve always been a little miss chatterbox, putting it all out there without shame, and I like it when others do the same. Their advice is valuable and powerful. All moms have a blog inside, wisdom to share, something to say. But some just do a bang-up job at typing it out.

Here are my top 7 favourites, so far, in no particular order:

1. A Cup of Jo 

Joanna Goddard is an excellent writer. She’s a high brow, trendy mom in her late thirties with two little boys, who writes out of Brooklyn, NY. She is a well-traveled, international woman who has an honest and sophisticated perspective on motherhood. For example, she writes about the hardest two months of her life as a new mom, when her youngest was 8 months old. She isn’t afraid to dip into the tough subjects and brings her story full-circle with a happy ending. She also wrote a lovely post on her take of slow parenting. Her page is pleasing to the eye and well-organized.

2. The Minimalist Mom

Rachel Jonat is a fun blogger with a passion for minimalism, who lives in Vancouver, BC. She dives into strategies on how to simplify family life, like kids toys, finances, clothing, and ‘doing less’ — and is so down-to-earth and approachable in her writing. She makes excellent suggestions on what baby essentials are must-haves and what moms really don’t need. Inspired by her, I’d love to work on my capsule wardrobe, pay off debt, and keep toy heaps at bay. She loves everything within walking distance. Rachel wore her son on her back while hauling out bags of clothes from her closet. (We’re two Rachels with a lot in common, as I too, live downtown and love the minimalist philosophy.)

3. Tanis Miller: Attack of the Redneck Mommy

Tanis is such a strong, funny, colourful woman. (Yes you, Tanis!) I love how she describes her turning from ‘lurker’ to ‘blogger’ after she lost her son and needed an outlet. Tanis is a mom of three other children, including beautiful and severely disabled Knox, who is her poster child for community activism as she stands up for children with disabilities.  She’s been blogging from her home in Toefield, AB for over seven years. Not only is her writing hilarious to read (just check out her About page), but it’s heart-wrenching and real, true, and honest for us all. I love digging into her life and being a part of it.

4. Raised Good

Tracy Gillett, a mom living in BC with her husband and son, promotes the philosophy of natural parenting and simplifying childhood. Her love for the outdoors is inspiring, her website is beautifully designed and her writing is backed by strong research. She wrote a wonderful post that minimal moms will love: Simplifying Childhood. She isn’t afraid to promote co-sleeping, elimination communication (ditching diapers altogether), or even the biggest parenting topic these days… vaccination. I appreciate her courage in bringing these discussions to the table. She does a beautiful job, writing clearly, succinctly, and honestly.

5. Simple As That

Rebecca Cooper is so likeable, crafty, and sweet. She is an Alberta-born mom with a flair for photography, crafts, cooking and lifestyle tips. Similar to Joanna’s post on slow parenting, Rebecca wrote a blog recently about how to make time for what matters most. Her tips: identify what matters to you, use the ‘rule of three’, do less — better, and use your ‘fringe hours’ wisely. I loved the message of simplifying, and doing less, but more things of value. This is especially important when we have young ones to care for, and such a salient message for new moms. She just wrote a post about preserving family photos. She’d like the scrapbook I made (way back) with my grandmother, where I collected precious photos of my Prussian, Welsh, and Norwegian roots all in one book.

6. Barefoot Five 

Brooke Hampton is a wild, wonderful gypsy mama with a flair for the unorthodox, blogging from Texas. She definitely marches to her own motherhood drum, which is so appealing and unique, allowing her four children to do the same. She is as crunchy, natural, and barefoot as you’ll ever find. Brooke finds magic in each day; she reminds us to respect ourselves and others. Two recent examples: her post about eating all colours of the rainbow and appreciating other ways of doing things (like having unbrushed hair or ‘dreadlocks’). This mommy blogger goes with the flow, and I admire it.

7. Mother’s Always Right 

Here’s Molly, a witty and lovable blogging mom from Devon, England, who is a pleasure to read. She’s got two daughters, which is a fun change for me, as I’m mothering a little man. Molly is spunky and original; she has cute nicknames for her girls (e.g. “Frog”… we call Alex “Toad”). In a recent post, My modified version of superwoman, she describes herself as a “perfectionist, type A freak” who likes things “just so”, which is how I’d accurately describe myself, too. But further in the post, she accepts her ‘faults’ and even allows her house to go unorganized… and that’s ok. When I read, I imagine her talking with a quaint British accent and telling me how to be kinder to myself as a new mum.

Start surfing mom blogs and read their stories!

To be completely honest, I didn’t start really sifting through mom blogs until I thought I should start one of my own. And now, I have a huge appreciation for the time, energy, esthetic, and passion for writing that goes into them. These moms have to set aside time in their busy days to blog and share. (Even Joanna and Rebecca, who have teams behind their blogging sites!) They truly love it.

One disservice I am guilty of: all of the above blogs are women from a similar ethnic or socioeconomic background as me. Maybe that is why I was drawn to them. That is a flaw in my post, for sure. I would love some blog suggestions for new moms that are from other backgrounds and ethnicities. Please, ladies, enlighten me on these.

And what better way to hold up a mirror to yourself, than to read the stories of other moms you can relate to?

Pure awesome momma blogging magic.