Mrs. Jones’ 2nd List of Local Edmonton Mom Bloggers | 2017

Fellow Mamas, here it is.

My second (and just-as-fabulous) list of local Edmonton Mom Bloggers.

Check them out, give them a follow, pick a fave.

Last year, I published my first list of momma bloggers in Edmonton. Since then, I’ve found 18 more incredibly talented bloggers. These moms are not only sharing their own stories — they are lifting other mommas up as well. They deserve a huge shout-out. Let me know if I’ve missed any.

In no particular order…

1 | Mercedes Bender: Live It All In

There’s something special about Mercedes — she blogs about messy play and the importance of getting little hands into all sorts of muck and goop. Mercedes builds sensory play bins for preschoolers. They were a hit at Toddler Town at this year’s International Children’s Festival of the Arts. Her parenting perspective is unique, with two littles under 4 and one with special needs. Nothing can stop this mama.

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2 | Nicky Pearson: This Mommy Rocks

It’s true, Nicky real does rock, literally and figuratively. She’s a local country music recording artist — with a single out on iTunes. I love watching her “Sofa Sessions” videos where she pairs up with other local artists and sings a duet. With two kids, she’s having a blast, posting all of her musical passions and memories on her blog.

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3 | Amanda McMullan: Mz McMully in the Moment

Alright mommies — you need to know about Amanda. She’s a hair stylist, a makeup artist, and a seriously styled blogger that runs a beautiful Instagram account. I love her positive vibes and love for all things family, motherhood and fashion. She lives outside of Edmonton, but went to school here, loves the city, and comes to visit often. You’ve got to check out her hilarious and heartfelt stories.

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4 | Stephanie: All About Ami

I just discovered Stephanie (thanks, Sarah!) and I’m so in love. She’s a mommy of two and a crochet and knitting guru right here in Edmonton, with a huge following. Stephanie creates modern designs and has worked hard over the years to build her blog. Her blog name “ami” comes from the word “amigurumi” which is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures (as per Wikipedia). So awesome.

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5 | Chelsey Borys: Mommy Connections Blog (North & St. Albert)

I love, love, love Chelsey, the owner of Mommy Connections Edmonton North & St. Albert. Chelsey curates incredible 8-week programs for new moms and dads. She also blogs along the way, sharing honest reflections and awesome ideas and tips. Watch out for her sell-out “Just for Mom” Nights, too.  She’s created strong connections in Edmonton and I love her honest, real approach to mommyhood.

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6 | Amy Butterfield: Passports and Pigtails

This local mama blogs all about her wild travel adventures with her family — the next one, Costa Rica. Amy has two older daughters and a passion for flying anywhere the wind takes her. I love her unique photos, her reflections on how her adventures have changed her perspective, and the wonderful gift it has been to go places. If you want to travel with kids, follow her.

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7 | Deanne Ferguson: Box Social Event Planning 

If you want in-the-know on fun and free events for kids — and read hilarious blog posts — follow Deanne.  She owns the company Box Social Event Planning, that executes awesome pop-up play events all across the city, like at The Marketplace at Callingwood, Kingsway Mall, Millwoods Town Centre, Bonnie Doon, and more. She loves to share her stories on her blog, too. Oh, and she moonlights as a Disney princess on occasion.

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8 | Kari Skelton:

Kari is amazing. Not only does she have incredible fashion sense and the cutest little toddler — she is a passionate volunteer in our community with Apricity, currently supporting the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. I love her posts, like her “Local Love List” and her “Strength is Your Sparkle” campaign to celebrate strong women in Edmonton.

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9 | Lorraine Stephanyshyn: YEG Inspired Blog & Magazine

There is too much to love about Lorraine. She’s a local lifestyle photographer, creator of the new YEG Inspired Motherhood Magazine, a momma to two grown adults. Passion and warmth radiate from Lorraine — she can easily connect with just about anyone she meets. You can find her new (free) magazine at various businesses in Edmonton. It’s an online blog, too.

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10 | Kelsy Neilson: Twirls and Travels Blog & Photographer

Kelsy is the creative blogger behind local blog, Twirls and Travels. Her love for traveling and exploring with her kids shines through in her phenomenal photography — which is her profession. She makes me want to visit every destination that she goes. I convinced my husband to stay at the family-friendly Delta Lodge at Kananaskis after I read her post and saw her pics.

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11 | Jordanne Simmons: Dale + Peonies

This local lifestyle blogger has a flair for minimal decor, peaceful living and loves anything monochrome. She just welcomed her first little one, tiny baby Hendrik, into the world. Jordanne is loving life as a new momma. When I saw the photos of her nursery, I was soooooo jelly. It was gorgeous, simple and streamlined. Can’t wait to read more.

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12 | Liz Dreidger: Backyard Farm Mama

Liz is a brand new blogger — no website launched yet — but just you wait. She’s going to kill it. What I love about Liz is her story. Just recently, her husband and toddler made the move to a small farm outside of Edmonton. They are starting to grow a garden, raise animals and just welcome a fresh little baby to their human crew, as well.

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13 | Terra Landmark: Landmark Doulas 

Terra is a Drayton Valley mama that leads a team of doulas in Edmonton. She blogs along with her practice, sharing tips and motherhood reflections. I’ve loved watching her grow and connect with the bigger community of doulas in our city. She’s been working incredibly hard at her business and it’s something to admire. Thank you for supporting so many new mommas, Terra.

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14 | Kira Paran: Northern Style Exposure

Kira is a styled mom blogger, representing “the great white north” with an established fan base. I love reading her recipes and seeing the newest fashion trends she finds that suit our lifestyle in Canada. Her two little guys are simply adorable. And her website is something out of a magazine. I swear, if I had the fashion sense that Kira has, I’d be unstoppable!

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15 | Hannah Kaup: Honey & Betts

This soon-to-be mommy of three tackles all things lifestyle on her blog. Hannah takes such striking photos and focuses on the latest beauty and fashion trends, recipes, and anything else that gets her attention. I love her support of all shapes and sizes, reminding new mommas we’re all beautiful.

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16 | Jacquie Duval: Plated Public Relations 

Jacquie blogs about food and life, juggling self-employment and motherhood with grace. Jacquie knows social media inside-and-out, having just started her own company, Plated PR. She’s excited for baby number two, due any day now. I’m so impressed by all she can accomplish in a day.

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17 | Mimi Siffledeen: Prints and Peonies

Working moms will adore Mimi. This mama shares all things beautiful on her lifestyle blog, even talking honestly about balancing life as mom and professional. She’s a total Instagram pro. Her lovely little girl Autumn turned one, and she returned back to work, finding new purpose and feeling stronger than ever. I love checking out what she’s up to.

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18 | Melveena Roberts: The Savey Mommy 

Moms, if you follow Melveena you will hear about some killer deals, freebies, and free events. This momma shares anything that she finds and posts about free baby-and-kid-friendly events and products. Her three beautiful littles follow her everywhere she goes, it’s adorable. I always check out what this mommy blogger’s newest treasure is or what activity she’s doing. Thank you for keeping an eye out for all us Edmonton Mommas.

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and last, but certainly not least… 

19 | Alberta Mamas

If you haven’t started following Alberta Mamas, now is the time. It’s all about exploring this wonderful province of ours, founded by a group of six seasoned bloggers in Edmonton. They are a community of writers, looking for contributors from all over Alberta. (Hinty-hint!) I love the most recent post about side-of-the-road attractions, like giant sausages and dinosaurs. Brilliant, mamas.

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Special notes on the beautiful feature photo: 

Provided by Kendra Allen Design, this image (and more) will be available for purchase from her new stock photography shop, Rebel Road Stock Shop. How unique, a local collection of stock photos put together by a local mom and designer. Follow along with Kendra on Instagram and Facebook for its upcoming launch.

For this photo, Kendra organized a collaboration project that included incredible local Edmonton businesses. Featured here is local mother and business owner, Haley Nunes. She’s wearing Kastles Jewelry and her wardrobe is from The Oak Closet. Gorgeous.