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Happy New Year, everyone. I’m Rachel Jones, author of the blog Edmomton — Becoming a Mom in Edmonton.

I launched this blog on April 6, 2016. If you have just discovered it, or have been following since April, muwwwah.

Why did I start? I needed a creative outlet after a surprise home birth and rough start to motherhood. Becoming a mom was an explosion — a huge change. So many other new moms had difficult births and beginnings as well. I’d learned so much I wanted to share. I needed something to focus on. I love writing and connecting dots to inspire. The name Edmomton was catchy, so I went for it. I’ve written about my surprise home birth, life raising a baby downtown, finding resources, connecting with other moms, daycare and work navigation, breastfeeding and weaning my toddler and which pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants are baby-friendly. I promote local businesses with giveaways. I gave away a huge new mama care package worth over $700. I discover a new topic or idea, investigate it, then share what I’ve learned.

In less than nine months, it has blossomed into a collection of 47 posts. I’m proud of it’s growth and the positive feedback I’ve received. It’s much bigger than “my story” — it’s an online community of new parents. Thank you for your messages, inspiring comments and suggestions for more and more content.

Edmomton’s Growth: 

– My site gets an average of 4,500 views per month

– One day in August, I had over 1,500 views

– My Facebook page has over 1,200 likes

– My Instagram feed has over 1,400 followers

The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2016:

Why I Left My Dream Job — In One Word  (Why I chose to stay home with Alex)

9 Baby-Friendly Edmonton Pubs (Which pubs allow the youngest patrons)

31 Baby-Friendly Edmonton Restaurants (Which restaurants are set up for babies)

12 Baby-Friendly Edmonton Coffee Shops (Which coffee haunts are the best for babes)

15 Essentials for New Edmonton Moms (The essentials you need if you’re in YEG)

Free Finnish-Inspired Baby Boxes: How To Get Them In Alberta (The famous Finland tradition has come to Edmonton)

My 4 Juicy New Mom Confessions Not Shared On Facebook (Some secrets about me… Mrs. Jones is not so perfect)

Edmomton’s Guide to Baby Wraps & Carriers (Because what’s cuter or more convenient than a baby in a wrap?)

How To Move Forward From A Traumatic Birth (It’s a heavy one… but with a positive ending)

What the Stork Forgot (I gave away a massive new mama care package, with help from local businesses)

My 5 Personal Favourite Posts So Far:

6 Free Social and Support Groups for New Moms in Edmonton (Free… enough said… plus, awesome)

The 5 Elements of Being Baby-Friendly  (The top 5 things a business needs to truly be baby-friendly)

Raising Baby In The ICE District: 3 Reasons To Love It & 3 To Loathe It (Downtown living with a wee one, the good and bad)

How to Have an Unplanned Home Birth in 5 Easy Steps (My way of making fun of a crazy and scary birth)

Mrs. Jones’ List of Local Edmonton Mom Bloggers (A roll-up list of 16 great local momma bloggers)

My Interviews of: 

Sarah Chan (First Lady of Edmonton)

Amber Wackenhut (Hike it Baby)

Danielle Gajewski (Go Diaper Free of Edmonton)

Harmony Ryan (BuddhiBaby)

Shannon Wheeler (Baby Bird Creations)

Clara Ansel-Houle (Yoga Doula)

Terra Landmark (Landmark Doulas)

Athena Raypold (Birth Story and Freelance Writer)

Deanne Ferguson (Box Social Event Planning)

Jenna Strydonck (Winner of What the Stork Forgot)

Dr. Sarah Keep (Vision by Design Optometry)

Topics I’m Exploring in 2017:

– A new “movement” I am calling Moms Anonymous (more to come)

– Exploring Maternity Leave change in Canada

– Researching if and how women “work” and “raise children” at the same time

– Diving into the subject of Daycares and Dayhomes in Alberta

– Encourage volunteerism with charities and non-profits that support babies and new mothers

– Exploring the incredible career potential of mothers who have stayed home to raise kids

Cheers to 2017

Thank you for reading, liking my page, following me and all sharing these posts — you’re helping me support new parents in Edmonton and beyond.

Contact me at if you’d like to have a coffee, collaborate, sponsor a post about your business or contribute to this blog.

Until 2017,

Mrs. Jones xoxo

Feature photo taken by (the phenomenal) Lorraine-Marie Fotography

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