How Baby-Friendly is Jurassic Forest?

Did you know that Edmonton has it’s very own outdoor dinosaur theme park, where you can see huge prehistoric creatures move in the trees and hear them roar? It’s called Jurassic Forest — and it’s now open for the 2017 season.

How Baby-Friendly is Jurassic Forest?

My husband and I took our toddler last week. It is a perfect destination for new mothers and young families. There were so many baby-friendly features I loved about it. For those of you with babies and young toddlers, read on, and don’t forget my important tip.

Jurassic Forest is Baby-Friendly because: 

You’ll be in good company. 

There were lots of other moms and dads visiting Jurassic Forest the day we went. I even spotted a baby-wearing dad there, with his sweet little baby in a carrier, sucking her soother and wearing her sun hat. Loved that! If you’ve got older toddlers to keep busy, there are tables where they can use brushes to uncover dinosaur bones.

It’s incredibly stroller-accessible. 

The park can accommodate strollers of all sizes. After you park, you make your way to the entry gate. There are no stairs or tricky pathways, and there is plenty of manoeuvring room for strollers. We even saw three double chariots the day we were there. To see dinosaurs, there are two main walkways through Jurassic Forest — both that are very easy to push a stroller on and are wide for lots of space to walk and stop as you need.

It’s got change tables. 

There is a change table in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms on the patio. What a bonus! Those bathrooms are used to clean up after outdoor play as well, as there is a huge sand pit with fun dinosaur obstacles to play on. They don’t seem as clean as the indoor bathrooms, but they do the trick and are kept tidy and wiped down.

There is plenty of room to rest and feed baby.

There are benches and picnic tables galore at Jurassic Forest. One thing: they’re mostly all outdoors. If you are looking for a more sheltered spot to breastfeed/feed baby, there is a section of tables that are covered on the patio.

It’s the perfect size for a short hike. 

If you’re a new mom and don’t have a ton of energy, Jurassic Forest is a manageable size to walk around. You can even choose to do one path instead of both. We were able to leave the stroller in the car and walk both the North and South routes with our toddler. He rode on dad’s shoulders most of the way.

Important Tip: Don’t Forget the Bug Spray!

The day we went, the park had a lot of mosquitos. We didn’t get bitten too many times, but we weren’t prepared with any repellent. We didn’t realize that the park is all outdoors, with some wet areas, and it meanders through a forest. If you’re going to go, be prepared with some spray. It’s definitely worth it to see the dinosaurs.

Have fun at Jurassic Forest — you’ll love it.

Find Jurassic Forest on Facebook or visit their website.

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