Edmonton Moms, It’s Get Outside and Play Week! (May 27 to June 3)

Something very important appeared in my inbox last week.

It was a request from the Alberta Council for Environmental Education. They asked me to help spread the word in Edmonton about Get Outside and Play Week. This is an Alberta-wide event starting tomorrow, running from May 27 until next Saturday, June 3.

What’s so special about Get Outside and Play Week?

During the week, all Albertans are invited to focus on playing outdoors with their children. That means all Edmonton families, moms and dads, with babies, toddlers and young kiddos. It could be at home, at your dayhome or daycare, or anywhere there is an opportunity to go outside.

The best part: you can share your story or activity and be entered to win some awesome prizes. (Hint hint: MEC, Patagonia, Stonz and more)

Whether it’s in your own backyard, in your neighbourhood, at the park, out on your acreage or farm, or even downtown (like us!) it counts. Do simple things like follow an ant, close your eyes and feel the breeze, roll down a hill, dig a hole, or walk down your street and find different trees. You are asked to go — go take advantage of green, wild, grassy and natural areas. Be curious. Take pictures. Keep it simple.

We’re outside daily, even while living downtown. Alex loves to explore the green courtyard in our complex. I try to put my phone down, limit my distractions, and try to see what he is seeing. He’s learning it all from scratch. When we go outside, he heads towards the lawns and pathways at Grant McEwan. We walk a handful of blocks west to play at Kitchener Park in Oliver. We love the Alberta Legislature pools and park area. Soon, the new Alex Decoteau Park will be complete, a mere two blocks from our loft. In downtown Edmonton, we’ve got so many opportunities to get outside and play.

Edmonton Families: 

Fill out this form to share how you’re getting outside.

Anyone can organize an event: register your event here.

When you’ve got photos — post them on social — using the hashtag #GetOusideAB.

Daycares and Dayhomes in Edmonton: 

Here’s how to get involved.

Edmonton is the perfect city to take baby outdoors…

Don’t you agree?

And our littlest ones, babies and toddlers, are experiencing the outdoors for the very first time. We’ve got some of the most beautiful natural areas in North America. Let’s show off. Let’s share what we’re up to this week an make Edmonton stand out.

What will you do, Edmonton Mommas?

Go to www.getoutsideandplay.ca to read more.

Feature photo by Tabitha McNeil (Declan & Rylan McNeil and Alex Jones)