Country Moms or City Moms: Which Have a Better Lifestyle as New Parents?

Do you feel it in the air?

Fall is coming up, which translates to “pumpkin spice season” for urban mommies like me. (Hah-hah!)

When I see signs of harvest magic starting — I get giddy. Fall leaves, festivals, pumpkin patches, leggings and lattes. Right! Right?!

I might be a city-slicker mom with a downtown lifestyle, but my roots are in the country and my heart is in the mountains. Thanks to my family, I grew up camping, hiking, exploring farms, playing with puppies, petting sheep, bottle-feeding calves, fishing, digging in the garden, picking eggs and even riding horses bareback.

My time exploring lessened as I grew up and moved into the city for university, and then eventually moved downtown.

So, how do I celebrate harvest now as a downtown mom? I buy those tiny, oddly-shaped squash to decorate my condo kitchen and let my toddler play with them — I feel very festive just by doing that. We head out-of-town on day-trips. We go for walks to stomp on dried-up leaves, but secretly, I am so grateful I don’t have to rake them. That’s what condo fees are for…bwahahaha.

Ah, downtown mom life in the big city.

But wait — am I missing out on a more magical lifestyle?

Are you moms out in rural areas, on the farm, on an acreage, in towns, or even in the mountains loving it? Even with newborn babies?

Do you feel more connected to the land and to nature?

Here’s how I picture life for Country Moms versus City Moms:

Birth is not a foreign concept, it’s just a part of life.

Moms out on a farm or acreage usually have witnessed animals giving birth (e.g. foals or kittens or calves or sheep). Their own human baby would be no different. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better prepared, or any less anxious, than City Moms. In a town or city, you just might not see it as much.

Caring for and feeding a newborn baby comes (fairly) naturally.

Moms who have (or have had) big and small animals before having babies are used to the around-the-clock routine and responsibility of caring for other creatures. They are used to feeding them around the clock, making sure they’re healthy, and facing the tough stuff. Having a human baby is like an extension of that, sort of.

For me, as a City Mom, the daily churn was a total shock. I was exhausted by the feeding repetition and huge lifestyle change. I’d never been so tied to another being before. Now, I’m used to it — but it took a while!

Country Moms have a simpler routine, a way of going with the flow. 

Unlike many City Moms, Country Moms don’t sign-up for classes or go to playgroups nearly as much, because they’ll be busy enough. After they’ve had a baby, and once they are feeling ready, the normal chore routine continues. You have to breastfeed, get dressed, and get on with the daily chores — and take that little one with you.

You share the land an animal connection with their little ones, and also teach about them about safety. 

As my cousin as told me, this comes with the country/rural lifestyle. Babies and toddlers that grow up on farms are exposed to farming, gardens, harvesting, animals and animal babies, and might spend more time outdoors. They understand more where their food comes from. They see farm equipment and large animals and learn what is safe and what isn’t. As they grow up, girls and boys both equally pitch in, because that’s life.

Even life in a small town or in the mountains will have more exposure to wildlife, and more awareness of wild animals.

Most Country Moms don’t care if they wear makeup.

This might be a generalization, but most Country Moms I know don’t wear makeup every day. They still love wearing it — but daily, there are more important things to do.

Would I care less about having my face on if I didn’t live in a condo building, where I see my neighbours immediately when I walk out my door? Probably.

So, which is a better lifestyle for new moms, country life or city life?

My answer: it’s all in how you live.

I believe lifestyle is a choice. And just because I am a City Mom, living in downtown Edmonton, doesn’t mean that I can’t consciously weave in the lifestyle aspects that Country Moms and even Mountain Mamas enjoy.

Now, I won’t get the full effect while living in a downtown condo, but I can weave in aspects of it.

I can spend much more time outdoors and adopt a slower pace.

While others have backyards, wide open space, and even mountains, I can take my toddler out and explore. We can visit the River Valley within minutes. We can observe everything around us, the safe things and the dangers. We can connect to nature easily — we just have to get outside.

We can adopt an animal or grow a mini-garden. 

Having a pet or plant or garden is a great way to teach some of those same daily care responsibilities to our little ones. I can use these opportunities to pet friendly animals and look at community gardens downtown. We could even pick a plot at a garden downtown and plant our own carrots and onions, or get a tower garden, or grow herbs! This is definitely a lifestyle choice, and one that downtown families can choose, just on a smaller scale.

I could care a little less about makeup.

Does it matter that much?

We can make more trips out-of-town.

Like corn mazes, farms, the zoo, and going out to the mountains more — it might not be the “real thing” all the time, but it’s all part of learning.

Some of us might choose one or the other, city or country, but it really doesn’t matter where you live.

It only matters how you live. 

What do you think, mommies?

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