12 Baby-Friendly Edmonton Coffee Shops

Edmonton is home to some incredible and delectable coffeehouses. New moms love meeting at these places to swap stories and support each other. They can grab a caffeinated beverage or a herbal tea, a treat or quick lunch, and enjoy a visit in relaxed atmosphere.

There are many coffeehouses Downtown, on 124 Street, on Whyte, and outside the core. While some are popular, they may not be the easiest place to take a new baby, older babe or toddler. I’ve done some research and compiled the list below. These 12 coffee shops have a high chair (or two) and a change table, plus more.

Try these 12 baby-friendly Edmonton coffee shops:

1. The Little Brick Cafe & General Store | adorable brick house nestled in Riverdale – delicious coffee, relaxed seating inside and outside – high chairs and a change table – parking is residential, watch the signs

2. The Tea Girl | cozy tea shop just off 124 street and 104 Ave – huge selection of loose-leaf tea, including macha – comfy chairs, fold-out high chairs, and change “dresser” in washroom – shop at Bosom Babies afterwards

3. The Woodrack Cafe | a new, nature-inspired community cafe on 109 Street – comfortable “boho” atmosphere and awesome staff – they have high chairs and a change table… rad

4. Cafe O’ Play | coffee house and indoor playground in Riverbend for little ones up to 6 years – lots of bakery treats – hosting private parties, too

5. Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe | coffee and delicious baking on 99 Street – change table in large side washroom – big chairs, comfy seating for new mamas and daddies with tired arms (4 other locations)

6. Starbucks | multiple Edmonton locations – cool rolling high chairs (if you don’t find one, ask the baristas) – always a change table

7. Remedy Cafe | 4 locations with another soon in Terwilligar – famous chai lattes and Indian fare – downtown does not have change table (yet, *wink*)

8. Cafe Blackbird | a Crestwood favourite – easy to enter with stroller – cozy, hidden breastfeeding nooks with pillows – change table in washroom, too

9. Culina Cafe at the Muttart | a cafe located in an Edmonton landmark – coffee, espresso, soup, salads, pastries – high chairs and a change table in a stall in the Muttart bathroom

10. Cafe Bicyclette | a chic, French cafe and full-service restaurant that is a must-visit in Edmonton – complete with high chairs and a change table

11. Duchess Bake Shop | highly popular French bakery on 124 Street – macaron heaven – 2 high chairs and a non-traditional change table (a bench!) in the washroom – go very early to avoid long line-ups, find a spot to sit, and get the freshest selection

12. All Natural Babies | a Sherwood Park boutique that sells eco-friendly baby products – not a traditional “cafe” but the store has a “community side” – includes a fireplace, chairs, coffee table, kitchenette, microwave, bottle warmer, play area for kids, and free water, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate

4 coffee shops that are exceptions:

1. Vi’s for Pies | one of my all-time favourites – this cafe, lunch, and bake shop has high chairs, but no change table in the washroom and no room to take a stroller inside – I still take Alex and pig-out on cherry pie – menu is presented on a large chalk board.

2. Barking Buffalo Cafe | a new, hip, coffee and local retail joint on 124 Street – serves ethically-sourced coffee and tea – no high chairs or change table/pad yet, but very accommodating atmosphere for young ones

3. The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse | this social java, music, and arts hub on Alberta Avenue does not have a high chair or change table – but it does have a regular Friday morning gathering for parents, from 10 – 12 am, called Babes in Arms (See their social calendar)

4. The Italian Centre Shop | with 3 locations in Edmonton, this is an old-school favourite coffee shop and grocery store – most have a change table in the washroom but no high chairs

Favourites that aren’t as equipped for the babes:

My other coffeehouse cravings are Credo, Lock Stock and Transcend. They’ve got talented baristas, locally-roasted coffee and great vibes, but may lack certain baby-friendly features, like an stroller-accessible entry, change table, or easy seating for moms.

For now, at least…

Any other great baby-friendly coffee shops you’d like to add? Comment below or send me a note.

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  1. Tiramisu Bistro
    They have high chairs and a change table. Frequented by many mothers with little ones. Also had gluten free goods.

  2. Chelsey November 25, 2016, 11:44 pm

    I’m not sure I would call Vi’s baby friendly. They have a sign requesting that strollers not be brought inside.

    1. Rachel November 28, 2016, 4:37 am

      Totally. I put it under the heading “exceptions” because I know they also don’t have a change table! I still love it — but it’s not as baby-friendly as it could be.

      1. Chelsey December 8, 2016, 4:58 pm

        Good point. Thanks a lot for your blog, I really appreciate the descriptions of baby friendly restaurants and pubs.

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