13 Baby-Friendly Edmonton Coffee Shops

Edmonton is home to some incredible coffee shops. New moms love coffee, and need to socialize, so cafes are generally hot-spots for mamas carrying bucket seats.

For mamas with younger babies in Edmonton, I’ve put together this list of 12 baby-friendly coffee shops. They’ve got high chairs, change tables, a stroller-accessible entry, comfortable seating, and are very welcoming with wee ones. While most coffee shops are wonderful — these 12 have prepared ahead of time for mamas and babies.

…and we all appreciate it, big time!

13 Baby-Friendly Edmonton Coffee Shops:

1. The Nook | This new cafe is located downtown, on 97th Street, just across from Canada Place. It’s top of my list. The Nook has perfected baby-friendliness — the owners have set up a baby/toddler/child play area in the heart of the cafe (and not in the way), a wonderful couch and two comfy armchairs, books and games for older kids, it’s stroller-accessible, and the bathroom (for all sexes) is set up to change little ones. There are excellent sweet and savoury treats and sandwiches, plus salads, cookies, lattes, and more. My new favourite!

2. The Little Brick Cafe & General Store | I love Little Brick — it’s Edmonton’s popular historic brick house coffee shop nestled in Riverdale. They offer relaxed seating inside and outside, have high chairs, and have a change table in the washroom. There’s a long wooden pathway up to the front door to accommodate your strollers. Inside, watch the steps — there is only one level that’s easily accessed with a stroller. You may have to carry the baby seat up to the second level.

3. The Tea Girl | You’ll love this cozy tea shop just off 124 street and 104 Avenue. It’s got a huge selection of loose-leaf tea, including matcha. You’ll easily be able to breastfeed or bottle-fed baby in the comfy chairs, and they’ve got fold-out high chairs for the babes who sit up, and a large surface to change baby on (a.k.a. a dresser) in washroom.

4. The Woodrack Cafe | This is a newer, nature-inspired community cafe on 109 Street. It’s got a very comfortable “boho” atmosphere, with plenty of seating, and even a couch and armchairs. They’ve got highchairs and a change table in the women’s washroom. I find parking to be a bit challenging — but it’s still worth it for the whoopee pies.

5. Cafe O’ Play |The iconic coffee shop with an indoor playground for littles 0 to 6 years in Riverbend. This is the place to go for toddlers — it’s not a huge, indoor jungle gym — so you can keep your eye on your little one if they are a mover. For the newest babies, it’s perfect. There is stroller parking, change tables, high chairs — the works. Just remember your socks! 

6. Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe | It’s got coffee and delicious baking — and conveniently in Old Strathcona on 99 Street. There is a change table in large side washroom, big chairs, comfy seating for new mommies and daddies with tired arms. There are four other locations as well. Parking around the side of the building.

7. Starbucks | Of course — Starbucks is king for new moms. With multiple Edmonton locations, you can’t go wrong. It’s got cool-looking rolling high chairs (if you don’t find one, ask the baristas) and there’s always a change table in the washroom.

8. Remedy Cafe | A local favourite, Remedy, has 5 (soon to be 6) locations in Edmonton where you’ll find their famous chai lattes and Indian fare. I’ve seen new babies in each one! They all have change tables, except the Jasper Avenue location — so be warned. (Yet, *wink*)

9. Cafe Blackbird | This is hidden gem in Crestwood. It’s easy to enter with stroller, has a cozy, hidden breastfeeding nook with pillows, and comfy seating all along the back wall for you mamas. There’s a change table in washroom, too. With plenty of seating during the morning or afternoon, and a ton of healthy food and excellent coffees, you can’t go wrong taking baby to Cafe Blackbird.

10. Culina Cafe at the Muttart | This cafe is located inside an Edmonton landmark — the Muttart Conservatory. Inside, you’ll enjoy coffee, espresso, soup, salads, pastries — with plenty of space for strollers, high chairs, and a change table in a stall in the Muttart bathroom. Definitely worth a visit with baby in tow.

11. Cafe Bicyclette | I love this chic, French cafe, which is also full-service restaurant. It is a must-visit in Edmonton, complete with high chairs and a change table. You’ll definitely have to take your little ones.

12. Duchess Bake Shop | How could I forget this extremely popular French bakery on 124 Street? It’s macaron heaven. Perfect for baby, it has 2 high chairs and a non-traditional change table (a bench!) in the washroom. If you are taking a little one, go very early to avoid long line-ups and to nab a spot to sit down. I find there isn’t room for strollers, but that’s usually only during busy hours.

13. The Art of Cake | Tucked gracefully in behind the Brewery District, this cake and cookie utopia is a beautiful cafe destination for new mamas in Edmonton. It’s got change tables and a high chair, and is definitely stroller-friendly. The atmosphere is cozy and family-friendly.

5 coffee shops that are exceptions:

1. Vi’s for Pies | This is one of those “must see” cafes, with pies to die for. It has high chairs, but no change table in the washroom and not much maneuver room to take a stroller inside. But the hidden terrace patio is definitely worth the trip.

2. Barking Buffalo Cafe | The Buffalo is a new, hip, coffee and local retail joint on 124 Street that serves ethically-sourced coffee and tea. There are no high chairs or a change table/pad yet, but it’s a very welcoming atmosphere for young ones.

3. The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse | This social java, music, and arts hub on Alberta Avenue does not have a high chair or change table — but it does have a regular Friday morning gathering for new parents, from 10 – 12 am, called Babes in Arms. (See their social calendar) Very unique and welcoming!

4. The Italian Centre Shop | With 3 locations in Edmonton, this is an old-school favourite coffee shop and grocery store that caters to the European in all of us. For the babies, most have a change table in the washroom but you likely won’t find a high chair. The cafe areas may busy and hard to squeeze a stroller into. It’s still amazing!

5.  Credo | My personal Edmonton fave is only braved quickly, on a walking trip, and I always take my coffee to-go. However, with it’s smooth fair-trade coffee, talented baristas, and relaxing vibe, I always risk the trip and take Alex with me.

Where to take a toddler and get a coffee in Edmonton…

I loved going to cafes with my baby — when he wasn’t walking and would sit in a high chair. Ever since he became a full-tilt, tornado-of-a-toddler, I’ve stopped taking him to sit-down establishments.

These days, Cafe O’ Play (included above), Juniper Bistro (on my Baby-Friendly Restaurants list) and the indoor playgrounds like Hide N’ Seek and Treehouse South / North are the only places I dare venture into with my toddler. That way, he can explore, and I can hopefully drink my coffee hot.

Feature Photo: Mike Issac Photography

Any other great baby-friendly coffee shops you’d like to add? Comment below or send me a note.

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  1. Tiramisu Bistro
    They have high chairs and a change table. Frequented by many mothers with little ones. Also had gluten free goods.

  2. Chelsey November 25, 2016, 11:44 pm

    I’m not sure I would call Vi’s baby friendly. They have a sign requesting that strollers not be brought inside.

    1. Rachel November 28, 2016, 4:37 am

      Totally. I put it under the heading “exceptions” because I know they also don’t have a change table! I still love it — but it’s not as baby-friendly as it could be.

      1. Chelsey December 8, 2016, 4:58 pm

        Good point. Thanks a lot for your blog, I really appreciate the descriptions of baby friendly restaurants and pubs.

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