Welcome to Edmomton.   However you found it, I’m happy you’re here.

Founded in April of 2016, Edmomton is all about becoming a mom in Edmonton, focusing on the first few years of a child’s life. It’s a locally-focused motherhood blog written by a local mom for other local moms (and dads!) in Alberta’s capital city. On Edmomton, I post about various mom, baby and toddler resources and topics for ages 0 through 3. New moms and babies in Edmonton, I’m here for you!

Photo: Mike Isaak Photography

Learning as I go, I list my favourite baby-friendly pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, city recreation centres, businesses, products and services, non-profits, social and support groups, classes, programs, events and more. You’ll find birth stories, pregnancy resources and guest blog posts, too. I try to cover anything that makes life easier for new moms and dads in Edmonton.

Here, all parenting philosophies are respected. My aim is to create a inclusive go-to online resource for new parents.

The transition into motherhood in Edmonton — or anywhere, really — is such a crucial, yet sometimes overlooked, period of change for women. One day, we are pregnant, and the next, we are mothers. We must learn to adapt immediately to a new life, whoever we are, wherever we live, with whatever we have. We have new identities. New career paths. We are all learning as we go and can’t do it alone.

That is why I’ve created Edmomton.

Reach out!  I love to collaborate. 

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