32 Baby-Friendly Edmonton Restaurants

The food scene in Edmonton is spectacular. I feel like I hear about a new restaurant every week. All I have to do is search #yegfood and a ton of mouth-watering pictures appear. While many Edmonton eateries are popular for special date nights, quick grabs, or picky palates, they may not always be the best choice for brand-new mommies or daddies with newborns, babies, and toddlers in tow.

As I put together this list, I thought of the best baby-friendly places. At minimum, they had to have a change table or pad, high chairs, accessible entry and aisles, a place to sit, and compassionate staff… from what I recall.

Enjoy these 31 baby-friendly restaurants:

1. KB & Company | the newest 104 Street joint downtown – totally baby-friendly – vegetarian and vegan deliciousness

2. The Gamer’s Lodge | a fun, new gamer’s restaurant on 124 Street – made baby-friendly by parents, for parents

3. Juniper Cafe & Bistro | beautiful new bistro – fun play area for tiny patrons – brunch, lunch, and dinner comfort food faves

4. Pasta Pantry & Trattoria | Sherwood Park landmark – fresh, fast Italian faves – always clean high chairs and a change table

5. LOVEPIZZA | a unique, Edmonton-based pizza joint – loves babies as much as pizza – kid meals, drinks, desserts

6. Blue Plate Diner | organic brunch and all-day fare on 104 Street – artsy and local – high chairs and change table

7. The Burger’s Priest | best, juiciest burger you’ll find downtown – only 1 or 2 high chairs, usually available, though

8. High Level Diner | classic, original, award-winning diner – great place to go with babies, from newborn and up

9. Tiramisu Bistro | a trendy, beautiful, cozy bistro with excellent fare – change table switches from men’s to women’s washrooms

10. Blue Chair Cafe | world-class eats in a residential area – tons of parking – self-proclaimed “comfortable, causal, decidedly bohemian”

11. Artisan Resto-Cafe | local favourite on Whyte – high chairs – change table promised soon – watch, may not be stroller-accessible

12. De Dutch | clean, chic, casual – if you love Dutch pannekoeken, as in, large, flat, sweet or savoury pancakes, bring baby here

13. Red Goose | cute little breakfast gem – rumoured to treat babies and parents just like family – love babies

14. Zenari’s | family-owned-and-operated restaurant in Manulife Place – great food – ample stroller and high chair room

15. Glass House Bistro | local St. Albert favourite by the Enjoy Centre – organic eats – babies of all ages welcomed

16. Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant | a popular spot in Edmonton for asian fusion – rumour has it that it’s 100% baby-friendly

17. Watari | this all-you-can-eat sushi joint on 124 Street has lots of high chairs, booster seats, sippy cups, and a change table

18. Urban Diner | 2 locations – diner-style plates – known for killer breakfast – always high chairs and change tables

19. Chianti Cafe | 2 locations – delicious Italian favourites and well-known for baby-friendliness on Whyte Ave

20. Olive Garden | 2 locations – Italian kitchen known for kid-friendly menu – babies are always welcomed

21. Red Lobster | 2 locations – seafood, biscuits (Homer Simpson drool), kids menus – high chairs, change table, lobster bib

22. Old Spaghetti Factory | 2 locations – hot, buttery bread, salad, pasta, spumoni ice-cream – always baby-friendly

23. White Spot | 2 + locations – Leduc’s has cool Stokke high chairs and comfy booths – change table – kids menu

24. Royal Pizza | multiple locations – the south-side and Old Strathcona locations definitely have high chairs, change tables and booths. Always a baby and toddler fave!

25. Brewsters | 5 locations – who doesn’t love killer homemade salad dressing, brew, and wings with baby

26. Red Robin | 5 locations – juicy lettuce-wrapped burger, thick-cut fries, no worries about mess – embracing the new parents

27. Chez Cora  | 5 locations – newest chain for breakie – heaps of fruit, crepes, and waffles to share with baby

28. Denny’s | 5 or more locations – popular chain – always baby-friendly and staff not adverse to messes

29. Moxies | 6 locations – surprisingly baby-friendly – I breastfed in a booth while eating salmon – car seat in a “sling” – awesome staff

30. Tutti Frutti | 9 locations of breakfast, lunch, and frozen yoghurt heaven – baby-friendliness guaranteed

31. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria | 9 locations – savoury pizza and beer – for seasoned parents, a kids meal that comes with a drink and dessert

32. Boston Pizza | multiple locations – popular chain restaurant – high chairs with trays, nappies, crackers

Any other great baby-friendly restaurants you’d like to add? Comment below or send me a note.

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    1. Rachel June 19, 2016, 9:13 pm

      They’re amazing, one of my favourites! For the “Coffee House” list! 😉 Thanks again Liz, you rock

    1. Rachel June 19, 2016, 9:12 pm

      Awesome! Definitely! I had already written them down — those are for my “Coffee House” list, but are hybrids for sure. (Of Resty’s and cafes)

  1. Cheryl June 19, 2016, 10:34 pm

    I’d add Kyoto (University location). After seeing us bring our portable high chair (we brought one with us every time we ate out), they asked us where we’d gotten it and promptly purchased 4 of their own. They were great about serving little mounds of rice and cooled miso to our toddler and they never minded us bringing “snacks” for our picky eater. Their amazing staff and baby/toddler-friendly atmosphere has made this one of our “go-to” restaurants.

    1. Rachel June 20, 2016, 1:21 am

      What a wonderful suggestion. Kyoto at U of A sounds awesome! What a great find. Great that they responded to the need after they saw your high chair. Very smart for restaurants to pick-up items like that to attract parents with young babes. Thanks Cheryl, I will certainly add it.

  2. Kate July 10, 2016, 3:42 am

    I’d love to add Milestones except I don’t know about their change table situation… Their high chairs actually sit right on the benches, so the kids can sit at the booth with you and their kids menu has options for “real” food – chicken, fruit, salmon (if you want to skip the standard French fries and chicken strips).

  3. Dee Downing September 4, 2016, 12:36 pm

    We’ve taken our granddaughter to Chartier in Beaumont several times and they are very welcoming to families and even gave us one of their bowls so we could mix the baby food and feed her.

  4. I have to say I love you blog! I love urban dinner but when I went over the summer with my girlfriends two of us being brand new moms at that time babies were 6 weeks and 3.5 months. They were not as baby friendly as I had found the previous time and
    hoped the would be again. The waitress actually asked if we would wake our sleeping baby and hold then instead of having the strollers there! I love this restaurant so I hope it was a one off!

    1. I hope it was a one off, too! You sound like me. You know, I think anywhere you go, if the staff on shift aren’t friendly or don’t care much for babies and kids, it’s hard to enjoy yourself. But, overall, the response to babies should be warm and compassionate!

  5. An addition though- Browns Social House in Tamarack has become a favourite of ours as new parents. So accommodating with seating for the stroller or cat seat. Waitresses have all been helpful and compassionate. And there is a change table in the women’s washroom ( non sure of the men’s….)

    1. Ah HA! Great suggestion. I’ll have to check it out! Definitely will have to add it to the list.

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